Welcome back for part two, the final part of our “Can Dogs Eat People Food” blog post series! 

If you missed part one, you check it out here. Part one lays the foundation for understanding the dog’s natural diet, which  makes choosing one for your dog so much easier.

Otherwise, at this point, you should have already ordered or conducted your Embark Breed + Health Kit and are awaiting the results. Again, the benefits of taking this test are that it will inform you of any potential health risks that your dog may have. And sharing the results with your vet will help you determine the best appropriate care for your dog, including what kind of foods may or may not be suitable.

With that in mind, let’s dive right in and learn about one of the best kinds of diets and brands for dogs on the market today.

Allow me to introduce The Farmer’s Dog Food

the farmer's dog food

The Farmer’s Dog food is virtually homemade fresh dog food less the time consuming and pitfalls of “doing it yourself” (DIY.) I’m sure some of you may have already heard of this brand and are probably wondering what’s all the rave. 

I’ve had a long time to observe the benefits that dogs derive from eating   The Farmer’s Dog food. So we started feeding it to our Mina this past year. She’s the beautiful black beauty featured in the gallery image of this post. We tend to do a lot of home cooking for Mina. So, we use it to supplement her diet whenever her dad is traveling because I am too busy to cook every night (even for myself.) 

And while I’m an affiliate of the brand, I do not get free products. I’m recommending this product because I am a customer. I decided to try The Farmer’s dog food after observing how great it worked for one of my client’s dogs. I also learned that some of my colleagues were also feeding it to their dogs. So I rant and rave about this brand, simply because it’s excellent! 

The Farmer’s Dog Food Got it Right The First Time!

There are a lot of “me too” brands out there, but The Farmer’s Dog food has been around since 2015, and they were one of the first subscription services that got it right. They started small and have been able to scale without compromising the quality. They were also one of the first of these brands. 

Who’s Behind The Farmer’s Dog Food:

The Farmer’s Dog did not just jump on the fresh diet for dogs bandwagon to get a piece of the profit. One of the founders, Brett Podolsky, has a dog named Jada. Jada’s health wasn’t so great. She was sick for two years

Brett genuinely wanted to find a healthy pet food option that could help restore her health and vitality. However, there wasn’t one on the market that helped to improve her health. His vet suggested “home-cooking” her meals. Following his vet’s guidance, Jada’s health improved. 

He fed Jada what we now know today as The Farmer’s Dog.  And when Brett tried to return to commercial dog food, Jada’s health began to decline. It was not until he returned to home-cooking his healthy recipes for Jada that her health improved! 


Podolsky eventually realized that his dog Jada wasn’t inherently sick; it was the food that was making her sick!

Meet The Founders:

Don’t take it from me. You can learn more about the founder’s journey via this short clip of an interview here. 

My First-Hand Experience With The Farmer’s Dog:

One of the clients of my pet care business used to feed her dog a brand of dog food that caused her to have a severe stomach issue. I recall this vividly because I was caring for their dog while she was experiencing these issues. Her parents were traveling abroad. 

I was preparing her bland diets daily and taking her to the vet to try and remedy this issue. Because every week, she would have a bad episode of diarrhea, which got worse and worse. Eventually, we learned that the source of the problem was her dog food. It was a brand that I can’t recall, but what I do remember is that when she switched to The Farmer’s Dog, I saw an immense improvement

First, I noticed that she always had the best poops of all of my client’s dogs. They were never smelly, firm, but not too firm, and they were always easy to pick up. To this day, she never has diarrhea! I also noticed that her breath never smelled, and she still maintained beautiful teeth, even as she got older. 

Additional Visible Signs of Good Health Included: 

I observed dogs on The Farmer’s Dog diet had the following similarities:

  • They didn’t have runny eyes
  • They had shiny coats
  • There rarely experienced allergies or skin problems
  • And they maintained vitality even as they got older

So I’ve been a major fan of The Farmer’s Dog food because I saw how it worked over a few years before we began supplementing our dog’s diet with it.

We are DIYers to a degree, not 100%. It’s challenging to ensure that you’re providing the perfect balance of vital nutrients. So we do a combination of home-cooked food plus quality dog food like The Farmer’s Dog. We also discuss our dog’s diet with our vet to make sure we maintain her optimal health. 

Also, I tend to be very busy with work, so the DIY method is very time-consuming for meI don’t recommend it unless you’re going to be very careful and do your research. You also have to work very closely with your vet. There have been issues with people who use recipes that they find in cookbooks or online that result in overdosing or under-dosing the required vitamins and minerals for each meal. 

The Farmer’s Dog Food Cuts Out All of the Guesswork:

  • It provides the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO.

The AAFCO is the Association of American Feed Control Officials. When a pet food manufacturer meets the AAFCO’s standards, it means that they’re creating diets that support the growth and maintenance of your dog. It can sustain your dog from a puppy to a large-sized dog. Therefore, an AAFCO approved diet is generally an adequate pet food. 

Naturally, you have to make adjustments if your dog has any ongoing health issues. Still, in general, your dog needs to eat foods that support their health and body as it grows. The Farmer’s Dog does just that. 

How Does The Farmer’s Dog Work:

It’s a Subscription Service: 

the farmer's dog food

The Farmer’s Dog food is a subscription delivery pet-food service. Just head over to their website, create a profile by answering a few questions, from there, they will recommend a customized meal plan for your dog. 

Three Menu Options:

They offer a variety of options so that your dog can have a balanced and delicious diet.

These include pork, turkey, and beef. Again you can just choose one meal plan, but I’ve noticed that the dogs enjoy having a variety of options. More importantly, providing an array of protein options helps to prevent food sensitivities and allergies in dogs

Delivered to Your Door:

Once you select your plan, it will be delivered directly to your door in about two weeks. They will provide you with the feeding instructions, and they keep track of your order. When your meal packages fall below a certain level, they will instantly ship your next order. 

Your food always arrives in intervals so that you never have to worry about running out of food. Generally, you’ll receive another shipment when you have about two or three packs left in your freezer. 

Automated Renewal and Delivery: 

The subscription process allows it to be automated, which is fantastic because you never have to submit another order. You can set it and forget it. They will process your card on file whenever it’s time to renew your shipment. Delivery is very flexible. You can change the delivery dates, pause delivery, or cancel your service at any time.

Comes Conveniently Portioned: 

The Farmer’s Dog food comes in eco-friendly packaging with dry ice to keep it frozen. So you won’t have to worry if it arrives while you’re at work. It will stay fresh. The meals also come conveniently packaged. The instructions are on the label of each package to meet your dog’s caloric and portion requirements. And then it’s easy as 1-2-3:  

  1. Place 2-3 packs in the fridge the night before so that they can thaw
  2. Cut one open
  3. Serve the adequate portion from the package to your dog

Customized Packaging:

They customize the packaging with your dog’s name on the label. While this is a nice personal touch, it does come in hand when you are the parent of multiple dogs of different breeds, sizes, or dietary needs and preferences. The name labels will eliminate the confusion of who gets what. Each dog will get “their” appropriate meal, which you can’t confuse because of their name on the package. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Is The Farmer’s Dog Food Prepared?  

The Farmer’s Dog food is not raw; it’s gently cooked. Gently cooking the food helps to eliminate two issues that are common with conventional dog foods: 

  • It doesn’t remove the vital nutrients from the food
  • It cooks the food just enough to kill off any harmful bacteria

After they prepare the food, they flash freeze it so that it stays fresh when they deliver it to your home. 

What are the Ingredients?

The ingredients vary based on your meal plan. Once you fill out their brief questionnaire, you will get access to the specific ingredients of your chosen meal plan. But in general, the main recipes consist of clean and simple ingredients –quality meats and vegetables.  These are ingredients found in nature that include the essential vitamins and minerals that every dog needs. 

Menu options include

  • Beef & Lentil
  • Pork & Sweet Potato
  • Turkey & Parsnip

The Farmer’s Dog’s recipes are also made fresh and never contain preservativesHowever, it’s always best to consult your veterinarian before changing your dog’s diet. Just to make sure that it will meet your dog’s individual health needs. 

Human Grade Recipes: 

The Farmer’s Dog also tests their food on humans. It’s human-grade food for dogs, or in other words, it’s just real food. Dogs love “real food.” Dogs have taste buds and food preferences. They’re individuals just like you and me. And as previously discussed, just like you and me, their optimal diet consists of healthy natural foods. 

So if you eat a healthy balanced diet, you can feed it to your dog. Remember, dogs were eating “people food” before “dog food” existed. Just work closely with your vet when you’re doing 100% home-cooked diets. 

So yes, it is okay to feed your dog people food – if you do it right. And The Farmer’s Dog gets it right every time. Their mission is a simple one, which is to make as many dogs as healthy as possible. 

How Much Does it Cost?

the farmer's dog food

So finally, the big question. How much does The Farmer’s Dog food cost? I’ll cut to the chase; it’s not cheap, but it’s worth it

Fresh made, high quality, gently cooked food, delivered to your door with one click of a button, comes with a price. The benefits include: 

  • Quality healthy human-grade food for your dog
  • You never have to shop for dog food 
  • No more working about running out of food 
  • Saves DIYers time and eliminates worrying if your recipe is adequate

It’s worry-free in every way! And when it comes to dog care, you don’t want to skimp on your dog’s diet. You don’t have to break the bank to give your dog quality food. Still, the food is their fuel, it’s what keeps their engine running, and you want to put high-quality fuel into your dog’s body for optimal health and longevity. 

Cost Estimates: 

They provide an estimate of a base rate of $2/day. But to get an exact cost for your dog’s meal plan, you’ll have to complete their brief questionnaire. The costs vary. It depends on your dog’s size, activity level, caloric needs, and how frequently you want to receive deliveries.

For example, our initial meal plan was roughly $152.50 for 14 packs. They advised that one package equates to two meals a day. Based on their instructions, the 14 packs would last us for two weeks.  So this would cost roughly amounts to $300/month. 

Cost Hack: 

But here’s the thing, it was too much food. And not because their questionnaire got it wrong. It’s because they base it on your dog’s daily caloric needs, activity level, breed, size, etc. Their assessment would have been perfect if we only fed her two square meals a day. But we feed her treats intermittently throughout the day since we keep her very active. 

Her daily walks are her favorite thing to do, so she gets tons of exercise. Therefore, we reduce her meal portions, particularly her dinner, if she’s eaten several snacks during the day. We keep the meals balanced but the portions small. 

Because of this, our first shipment lasted for almost three weeks instead of two. This adjustment in serving size reduced our costs significantly. They allow you to make adjustments to your order. You can change the calories you want, delivery schedule, etc., and this is what we did. The changes we made to our profile reduced our costs by approximately $100/month. 

No Hidden Fees:

Also, there are no separate shipping costs. The total price is the actual price. There are no hidden fees. So for us, it was a win-win. We hope it will be for you and your dog as well. 


To recap in Part 1 of this blog post series, we discussed: 

  • How to determine what diet is most suitable for your dog
  • A brief history of the dog’s natural diet
  • A brief history of commercialized “dog food”

And in Part 2, (here) we just wrapped up:

  • What’s one of the best diets for dogs on the market today-The Farmers Dog!

As their saying goes, “You shouldn’t be the only one eating healthy.” And The Farmer’s Dog does healthy food right, every time! Also, meeting your dog’s nutritional needs equals less begging and more satisfaction! So it’s worth giving The Farmer’s Dog a try.

Trial Offer:

If you want to see if it’s an excellent fit for you and your dog, start with a trial offer and receive 50% off your first order. Don’t forget to return here to share your experience in the comments section of this post. We would love to hear from you.

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