What to Do When You Find a Lost Dog: 4 Critical Steps

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Jan 30, 2020
what to do when you find a lost dog

Discovering a lost or abandoned dog can be disheartening, especially when they don’t have any visible identification that will lead them back to their home. 

I read about this issue often in the social media platforms in which I participate. While I feel bad for the dog and the person who discovered them asking for help, I can only imagine the difficulty that the dog’s parents must be going through. 

Because losing a dog is like losing a family member. In this post, I will layout precisely what to do when you find a lost dog. This easy to follow four-step action plan will hopefully reunite you with your beloved dog in no time! 

8 Things to Know Before Adopting a Dog

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Jan 6, 2020
things to know before adopting a dog

So what are the most important things to know before adopting a dog?

Generally, there are mainly two points of contention to explore. The first is whether or not you’re a good fit for dog parenting. The second is to determine if your dog of interest is a good fit for your temperament and lifestyle. It’s a bit more complicated than that which we’ll drill down into by my presenting you with eight essential questions to ask yourself. 

Still, the first point of contention (if you’re a good fit) is of vital importance because it naturally precedes your choosing a potential dog. It also requires much more analysis. 

Failing to assess your fitness and ability to commit to dog parenting often results in your regretting the decision, your possible neglect of the dog, and finally, the relinquishing of the dog to a shelter, or worse, to a friend or family member. 

Avoid becoming a statistic: