Dog Walking Etiquette: Part 1 of a Series

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Jun 15, 2020
dog walking etiquette

Walking is the most natural thing to do, but not always when it comes to walking our dogs on a leash.  Puppies think the leash is a toy to bite and tug on, while some older dogs like to jump, pull and lunge forward to get to where they want to go. 

And for your exceptional cases, they’ll stall. They don’t want to go anywhere. Who’d ever think there was a dog that didn’t enjoy walking? Well, they exist, and you never know what category your dog will fall into until you get out there and start walking. 

While some dogs naturally cooperate, most require training. And this How to Properly Walk a Dog blog series will help you to do just that.  But first, in Part 1 we’ll cover the basics of dog walking etiquette to help ensure the safety of your dog and the courtesy of others as you carry out your walks. 

As we continue through the series, you’ll learn actionable tips for teaching leash manners including:  

  • Part 2: How to walk a puppy on a leash
  • Part 3: Teaching your dog to stop pulling on the leash
  • Part 4: How to stop your dog from stalling on a leash
  • Part 5: Stopping your dog from jumping or barking on a leash

Let’s begin!

Incredible Health Benefits of Having a Dog

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May 15, 2020
benefits of having a dog

Did you know that pet parents fare much better when it comes to health in comparison to non-pet parents? Well, according to research and scientific studies, there are several health benefits of having a dog.  And spoiler alert, these benefits aren’t just limited to dog parents being more physically active.

Nevertheless, there are some significant health differences between the two groups. As you read, hopefully it will shed some light on this phenomenon for our non-dog parents, who may not understand why so many people choose to share their lives with dogs. Especially in the U.S., where approximately 75.8 million Americans have a pet dog, and consider them to be members of their families.

And for you existing dog parents, you’ll gain valuable insight into just how much your beloved dog is helping to improve your health, ultimately causing you to cherish them even more.

So continue reading as we discuss some incredible health benefits of having a dog.

7 Sure-Fire Tips to Prevent Coronavirus Cabin Fever

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Mar 29, 2020

COVID-19 and its disastrous effects have taken the world by storm. And while we have to keep our dogs safe during this time, I wanted to focus this post primarily on my dog parents.  I thought it was necessary to shift focus today due to the gravity of the situation, particularly since we’ve all been mandated to self-isolate and quarantine ourselves, which can result in another devasting blow- coronavirus cabin fever.  

While some of you are welcoming a much-needed break from the office or the daily hustle and bustle of your life, living in isolation is no paradise. 

Cabin fever and its insidious effects are real and are sure to creep in if you’re not careful. Too much isolation can lead to restlessness, irritability, or anxiety, and depression in more severe cases. 

Because just like our dogs, we humans are social animals. Even a hermit still requires some sort of social connection because we simply are not designed to live life in complete solitude.

So keep reading as I share some tips to help you, members of my human pack, stay mentally and physically healthy during this challenging time.

14 Dog Friendly Activities To Do With Your Dog

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Mar 9, 2020
dog friendly activities

One of the things that I admire about one of my favorite clients is that they’re fun parents. In addition to having fur babies, they also have three small children. And they are fantastic at creating fun experiences for them. They’re always on the floor or running around their home, playing some sort of fun or imaginary game with their kids. And I think that’s really cool.

Because when you’re having the time of your life with your favorite people, nothing else compares. Their kids will have fun and joyful memories of their parents that will carry them for many years to come.

And the same rings true if you’re a dog parent. 

When you share fun-filled dog friendly activities with your dog, you create lasting memories that they will never forget.  These experiences will also bring joy and happiness to you as well, forging an unbreakable bond with your dog.

Make a dog happy, you have a friend for life. And dogs have such little time with us, so why not give them the time of their lives whenever possible. Even if your dog is currently a couch potato, I will encourage you to try some of these fun dog friendly activities that follow. You’d be amazed at how by just mixing things up, you can awaken your dog’s inner spark.  

It’s all about engaging your dog to see what makes them tick. 

And in general, trying some of the tips that follow will help you to see how fun and easy life with a dog can be. So let’s get started!